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Would you like a different experience for your school class? Would you love to take your brownies, guides or cubs group for a visit to create a super special keepsake? Want to make something, tied in to your subject at school? Do you run a baby group, and think the parents would love the opportunity to create a keepsake? Look no further!

We can host your class our group here in our studio, or we can come to you!

Pop your details into the 'contact us' box below, let us know what you have in mind- e.g. stone age, ancient greece, summer keepsake, christmas painting etc. with your budget, and we'll get back to you with ideas and prices! Prices from just £4 per child/head.
Alternatively, if you'd like us to visit your setting or group with a selection of items - let us know, an we can put together a price list for you to advertise.

We can be flexible with our days & times, and we're often out and about visiting different settings. One of our favourite parts of our job! We an also provide you with all the tools & instructions to do the activity yourselves if you'd prefer. Possibilites are endless... We'll pop some past examples below.

We look forward to hearing from you!


Group Booking Idea 1
£4 per child, based on 30+ children

Free painting a hanging decoration (to suit time of year or event, e.g. ice creams and ice lollies for summer, snowflakes and trees for Christmas, hearts and stars for Mother's Day or Father's Day etc.)
Adding fingerprints of each child
We'll finish in the studio, adding child's name and decoration on fingerprints.
This can be staff led, or we can provide you with everything to do yourself.

Group Booking Idea 2
£10 (approx) per child
Free painting a piece of pottery, e.g. Christmas bauble for Christmas, or mug for Father's day, specific animal or figure for seasonal event or subject etc.
We'll glaze & fire in the studio, adding child's name on the bottom.
This can be staff led, or we can provide you with everything to do yourself.

Group Booking Idea 3
£10 per child, based on 20+ children
Perfect for stone age themed subjects
Hand clay building & painting a stone age themed pinch pot
These require 2 firings in the studio.
This will need to be staff led, but we can host in our studio, or come to you.

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