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The Pottery Loft provides a wonderful setting for capturing precious prints, and recently pet prints have become so popular, we've started to dedicate specific appointments to your fur babies!

Tiny paws captured forever on a piece of pottery, as an imprint in clay or as plaster outprints.

Whether you're coming to make a gift for someone special, or planning to make something for you our aim is to make your visit one you'll love and provide you with a keepsake to truly treasure - forever.

Our pottery range is ever changing, and prints on pottery start from just £12.50 for a coaster, while imprints & outprints start from £30 for a single paw. You choose your item(s) on the day you visit, although you're welcome to check with us beforehand if there's something in particular you have in mind. We'll be on hand to help you take prints - we get lots & lots of practice!


So don't worry about wriggly puppies, or excitable doggies, we'll get the print and it will be beautiful.


Paints are water based, do not stain and are safe to use for any age. We use special clay for imprints and outprints, and it's a quick and painless process. We'll have lots of treats on hand and you're welcome to bring along your own!

We can assist with prints during one of our 1 to 1 appointments, which are up to 30 minutes long. Pottery will be left for us to personalise for you (commission fee between £2.50 and £7.50).  As this is a quick appointment, café facilities and soft play will be unavailable, however you will have a staff member focused solely on your appointment and experience!


We have a studio full of inspiration to help you on the day of your visit - and a friendly face is always around if you'd like any advice! And don't forget to scroll through our Facebook and Instagram pages for lots of our past creations; all happy in their new homes.

Whether you're a regular with a house full of keepsakes or a complete newbie, there's something for everyone and we always do our very best to ensure there's something for every budget - you're sure to love your prints on pottery, imprints or outprints and the completed, absolutely timeless souvenir of your visit.

Pottery is left with us for between 7 days and 14 days and imprints/outprints take up to approximately 8 weeks (exact wait depends on how busy we are - will be advised on the date of your visit). A text will be sent when it's complete and you can book to return to collect your item(s).

You'll be amazed at the finish, we promise!

Book your appointment below!

The £5 deposit will come off your total bill on the day of your visit. Please read full T&Cs for more information about your session by selecting the 'Read More' link below before booking.

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