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Our beautiful Imprints and Outprints are always hugely popular - a truly precious keepsake many families wish to have taken while hands and feet are tiny, to capture and treasure forever.


A lasting keepsake you an look back on in years to come and remember just how tiny those fingers and toes once were... to create these keepsakes with you will never be anything short of an absolute honour.

Our range of colours, finishes, frames and mounts mean there's a combination to suit any taste, and with prices from just £30, any budget. Please see our price list and examples below, and to make things even easier, you can book your appointment right here on our website to visit our studio and make your Imprints or Outprints. Our Imprints & Outprints can be completed during a Pottery Painting table booking, or an exclusive 1 to 1 appointment.




Read on for some of our completed examples with full costs, terms and conditions, and to book your appointment...




Outprint finish / colours available:

Black surround with silver or bronze prints.

All antique white - surround & prints.



Imprint colours/finish available:
All off/white surround with coloured prints:

Pink, Blue, Green, Beige, Brown, Grey, Dark Grey, Light Green, Purple

Examples & Costs

Total Cost: £165
2 Medium Outprints: £105
Frame: £60

Total Cost: £80
1 Small Imprint: £35
Frame: £40

Inner Mount (blue): £5

Total Cost: £80
1 Medium Outprint: £55
Frame: £25

Total Cost: £105
1 Medium Imprint: £55
Frame: £50


The following applies to all bookings without exception. By booking, you agree to:

1. We will do our very best to ensure a good quality print, however TPL will not take any responsibility for any discomfort during this process.
2. Changes to prints cannot be made after they have been taken. Any re-prints required will be offered at full expense to the customer.

3. Occasionally, due to the nature of the firing process and the natural products that we use, cracking can occur during firing or casting. Although fairly uncommon, this is completely outside of our control. If this does happen, we will contact you as soon as possible to re-do the prints.
4. Due to the nature of clay and the firing process, occasionally hairline cracks can be visible on prints and as such should not be considered a fault but a naturally occurring part of the piece.

5. On imprints, when glaze fired, tiny specks of dust may settle on the prints. Whilst uncommon this is unavoidable and should not be considered a fault.
6. If we are undertaking any writing on the prints we request the following: all information must be specified on your form. If any information is missing, we will position the writing for you and choose the colour as we feel is best. We will not chase for information, so please ensure it is given as you are happy with. Writing is applied 'free hand' by our trained staff so will vary and will not be 'perfect'. We will only accept liability for writing errors if we do not follow your specified spelling or instructions. We will not be responsible for customer spelling or grammar mistakes. We will not be held responsible for deciphering unclear wording or instructions incorrectly so please ensure you write your requirements clearly.
7. All imprints in clay and plaster outprints usually take up to approximately 8 weeks to complete, however this may be longer should your prints require more work or we are subject to supplier delays. We will contact you when they are available for collection.

8. A £10 booking deposit secures your 1-2-1 appointment, or £5 booking deposit your table during a normal session. Deposits are non-refundable and non-transferable with less than 24 hours notice of cancellation. Deposit(s) paid will be deducted from your total on the day of your visit.

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